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We pledge to serve all our valuable customers with the best – affordable – Cheapest of rates and ensure prompt actions white bookings.

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White Rose Group has turned down 3 decades of is flawless performance in serving its valuable customers through its Car rental services all over India and with its amazing 24/7 on call service.

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A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.

Team Members


Anil Gupta


Anil Gupta, the visionary Founder of White Rose, stands as a driving force behind the success and growth of this exceptional car rental company. With a passion for travel and a commitment to exceptional service, Anil established White Rose Holidays to provide travelers with a seamless and reliable means of transportation. His dedication to excellence has led to the company’s reputation for punctuality, customer satisfaction, and reliability. Anil Gupta’s unwavering leadership has not only shaped White Rose Holidays into a prominent name in the car rental industry but has also made it synonymous with trust, quality, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences to all its customers.


Amit Gupta


Amit Gupta, in his role as Director of White Rose, epitomizes the essence of leadership and innovation within the car rental industry. With a dynamic vision and unwavering dedication, Amit has played a pivotal role in steering the company toward a path of continual growth and excellence. His profound understanding of the travel and transportation sector, coupled with a commitment to superior service, has been instrumental in positioning White Rose Holidays as a paragon of reliability and customer satisfaction. Amit Gupta’s leadership extends beyond the confines of the office, where he instills a culture of professionalism and customer-centricity. His pioneering spirit and deep-rooted passion for creating exceptional travel experiences are the cornerstones of White Rose Holidays’ success and reputation in the industry. Under his guidance, the company continues to flourish, offering travelers the assurance of a memorable journey, each ride exemplifying the principles of trust, quality, and efficiency that Amit upholds.

Mohit Gupta


Mohit Gupta, serving as Director at White Rose, brings an unparalleled blend of strategic acumen and customer-focused leadership to the heart of this renowned car rental enterprise. His multifaceted expertise spans the entire spectrum of the travel and transportation industry, reflecting a profound understanding of the needs and expectations of today’s discerning travelers. Mohit’s visionary approach has been instrumental in shaping White Rose Holidays as a trailblazer in the car rental sector. His unwavering commitment to quality, punctuality, and customer satisfaction resonates in every aspect of the company’s operations, setting high standards for the industry. Beyond his exceptional business acumen, Mohit’s innate passion for travel and his dedication to delivering superlative travel experiences have become synonymous with White Rose Holidays’ brand identity. Under his stewardship, the company continues to expand and evolve, ensuring travelers receive not only reliable transportation but also memorable journeys marked by trust, excellence, and a dedication to exceeding expectations.

Satish Kashyap

Public Relationship Manager


Ground Operations Manager